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I Am Not Like You

This poem was inspired by conversations I have had over the years with my lovely wife, Anne.  Often, we talk about how God brings people of distinctively different backgrounds and personalities together even though they have common interests.  So, this poem is dedicated to everyone who is made uniquely different by God.



“I am not like you,” we often do say

And it’s true, for I am created in such a different way.

From the things that make me laugh to the things that make me cry

It’s hard to understand at times and I often ask: “Why”?

You say you are a talker and I am a thinker as we process our thoughts

Glad we can play off our strengths and not act like robots.

You are endowed with such high energy clearly to see

While I am content with doing much less activity.

You love to verbalize the emotions or feelings you share, 

While I enjoy writing mine, it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

You like to go to bed early, and I like to go to bed late.

It isn’t something that we have to debate.

Your priorities in life while somewhat different to mine

Allows us to let our unique lights shine.

Yet, I am grateful that I am not like you,

Because that is how God wired us two.

So, let’s celebrate our unique design by the Master

He molds us as if working with plaster.

And the next time we say: “I am not like you”

Let’s remember that we need each other to

Strive for greater achievements in the future as one.

Hearing in the end from our Master, “Well Done.”


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    I have always enjoyed Tom’s work. He is committed to Christ and has a strong desire to make a difference. I believe you will enjoy this collection of poems and find it uplifting!