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Proverbs 17:22 says “A merry heart does good like medicine…”  Knowing this coupled with recent gatherings of family and friends, we enjoyed much laughter together, and it comes in various forms.  Dedicated to the many people over the years we’ve laughed with.


Laughter truly is the medicine of the heart

An action from which we should never depart

Many fond memories come with a laugh or a giggle or two

The variations of which are none too few.

There is the hearty laugh that bellows from below

Echoing amongst the walls for everyone to know.

Then you have the burst of “Ha, ha, ha” often heard

In multiple repetitions to signify an encouraging word,

Or the simple laugh that sounds like, “Hee, hee, hee”

Which could come from a funny conversation over tea.

Let’s not forget the laughter with a great roar

That has you rolling on the carpet out the front door!

Oh, do tell that story once again for me to hear

For it brings me such joy to my listening ear!

Yes, we’ve all had the experiences of hearing the snort

After a tickling tale which one tells for sport.

There’s plenty more with hoots and chuckles of the kind

Not to mention the chortles and cackles helping you unwind

But the one guffaw that gets everyone and beats them all

Is the infectious laugh that you can’t help but bawl. 



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