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The Home


Many fond memories come from experiences with family and friends in our home and in the homes of others. May you create and have wonderful experiences in a place you call “home.”


Home is often shared as the place where the heart is

No truer words are spoken when you think of it like this.

The laughter, the joy, the great memories of family and friends,

Having shared experiences which ultimately comes to an end.

It could be a grand celebration or a gathering of just a few

For those meaningful times of sharing and hearing something new.

We laugh at our bloops and blunders of years gone by.

Some are so funny that they make you want to cry!

The stroll down memory lane always seems to be a talk in the air,

Or the confounding lessons we’re learning when life doesn’t seem fair.

I would be amiss if only I said all of life were laughter and joy

For many know there are heartaches and pains, “oh boy”!

The conflict and despair for many still exist today,

Without hope and meaning they flounder on their way.

The path to peace, love, and hope can be difficult to find,

But Jesus is the One who gives sight to the blind.

Then, we have a hope of a heavenly home for those 

who’ve answered the call.

It is here that there is no pain, no sorrow, nor tears but rejoicing for all.

Reflect upon your home and the memories you are creating.

Is it a place of warmth, of laughter, of joy, and peace you are generating?

Is it a place of conflict, of strife, and where tensions abound?

Then you must know this, only in Christ can true peace be found.


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