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The Rainy Day



The Rainy Day


Have you ever been through a dry spell of no rain during a season?  We had one and it was refreshing to have a nice tumbling rain fall to replenish the foliage of trees, grass, shrubs, and flowers. Enjoy the rain!


Pitter patter, pitter patter, the rain gently comes falling down

With a constant tumble and silent breeze, it hits the ground.

The grass is thanking the Lord above for dropping down the dew

Because the showers that have come lately have been very few.

Hitting the leaves of the trees, you hear the tip tap tip tap

The trees love it as if with a tongue they go lip lap lip lap.

The flowers rejoice in the refreshment as the water goes to its root

They sprout up with glee showing off their colors and sounding a horn as if with a toot

The shrubs are no different as they soak up the long-awaited rain

Glad that they can drink and be filled up once again.

The birds also spring to their feet and fly to the ground

For the grubs and worms are plentiful to be found.

The animals enjoy the drink for their own hydration

Filling the puddles, ponds, and lakes as part of God’s creation.

The farmers are glad to see the rain come for the crops they have planted

To yield its fruit in harvest season, something not to be taken for granted.

A wonderful cycle our Creator has wrought by His understanding

Opening up the clouds in the skies and allowing the rain is 

quite outstanding.

So, the next time you have a rainy day, just reflect a moment to see

There is much more than meets the eye to enjoy as part of God’s beauty.



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